Tips and tools: How to cover a beat

Covering a beat is hard work. It can be time-consuming, confusing to navigate and difficult to balance what you've learned with what your audience understands. But beat reporting is also fun, interesting and rewarding. You will be reporting on dedicated topics and geographic areas this semester, and you have just 15 weeks to make the... Continue Reading →

10 reasons why you should attend BarCamp News Innovation

BarCamp News Innovation is a day-long conference held annually in Annenberg Hall. Breakfast and lunch are provided. Students can attend for free. Why haven't you already signed up? BCNI is a journalism industry "unconference." You show up in the morning to a nearly empty board in the Annenberg Atrium. Anyone — and I do mean... Continue Reading →

Written story assignment details

Write and publish on your site a 500-600 word short feature story from your beat. Stories should include at least two human sources and one non-human documentary report or statistical source. Ask yourself who the story is for and what that audience would want to know. You are required to take a photo for this... Continue Reading →

There’s a Train Coming!

This is a map depicting each station that the SEPTA Media/Elwyn train stops at. Being a commuter myself, I take this train regularly to get to and from school. In this map, you will find the names of the stations, the zone of the station, the different city/townships each stop is in, and the exact... Continue Reading →

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