Philadelphia: Theatre’s Actor-Friendly Home

New York City is viewed throughout the country as the mecca of theatre. Stage actors often move to New York to chase their dream of one day appearing in a Broadway show. Now sure, being on Broadway is the ultimate job for an actor. However, getting work elsewhere in New York City is the real... Continue Reading →

Practice Makes Perfect at Philadelphia Artists’ Collective

What does it take to prepare for a stage production? In just four short weeks, the Philadelphia Artists' Collective puts on a production of "He Who Gets Slapped," an adaptation of the 1924 silent film of the same name. In addition to acting, the entire cast doubles as the show's orchestra. A production decision most recently... Continue Reading →

Not Your Average Theatergoing Experience at FringeArts

Fringe festivals have been around since 1947, when the inaugural festival was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. Fast forward 50 years to 1997, when the first fringe festival occurred right in Philadelphia. Since then, FringeArts has been working its way into the Philly theatre scene, providing unique productions and a casual atmosphere. Hallie Martenson, the FringeArts communications... Continue Reading →

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