The Edgar Allan Poe House takes you through his home from the 1800s and his mind

The Edgar Allan Poe House in Philadelphia is a National Historic site. Their upcoming event includes a tour through the home, and a peak inside the mind of the writer. Understanding where Poe lived help the audience truly realize the inspiration for many of his famous writings. Feature image: The Edgar Allan Poe... Continue Reading →

Unnamed Music Festival Sheds Light on Aspiring Filmmakers in Philly

The Puff Boy, from advertisement poster for the Unnamed Film Festival / Vladislav Solomakhin  Philadelphia is not known for its nightlife or its movie industry. Everyone knows that the casinos are in Las Vegas, the night clubs are in Miami, and that movies are filmed in Los Angeles and New York. Historically, the impact of... Continue Reading →

How are nonprofits impacting Philly?

Jenny Roberts and Aaron Gibbs will be covering the nonprofit beat. They are both senior journalism majors at Temple University in Philadelphia. Jenny is the supervising editor at The Temple News, the university's editorially independent student newspaper, which means she spends most of her time deleting the oxford comma from writers' drafts. Aaron is currently... Continue Reading →

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