The Homeless in Philadelphia: Friends or Enemies?

Meet Michelle Severino, a new beat reporter studying the Philadelphia homeless in Philadelphia.

Michelle Severino is an up and coming photographer in our very own streets of Philadelphia. In accordance to her outstanding photography, Michelle is starting a new venture in life and education: becoming a beat reporter on the homeless in Philadelphia. Michelle seems eager to jump in, but wants to test the waters first.

Q. Describe yourself in three words.

A. I’d say that I’m shy at first, outgoing once you get to know me, and friendly overall.

Q. What is your favorite hobby?

A. Photography is my favorite hobby because I like telling stories through my images and documenting what goes in the world.

Q. How will photography play a role in your beat reporting?

A. In regards to my photography, it’ll play a big role in my beat reporting because I will be documenting the reactions of the homeless and people in the streets through my images.

Q. Why did you choose Temple University to continue your education?

A. I actually transferred in from CCP(Community College of Philadelphia) to Temple University. I chose Temple because it was an amazing school to do photo-journalism. It has a great program for what I really want to do in my career. Going to Temple also gave me access to the city, where I can explore what’s out there.

Q. What made you want to get into photo-journalism?

A. What made me get into photo-journalism was the idea of having the access to go out and cover anything that happens in the world with an image. I also like to document what goes on everyday in places people wouldn’t normally see.

Q. Why did you choose to cover the homeless as your beat?

A. I chose to cover the homeless because I’m a college student and am appreciative of what I have. I have place to call a home, and a place where I find food to eat. My curiosity is the other side of it. Where do the homeless find shelter and find something to eat? 

Q. What types of stories would you like to get out of your beat?

A. I’m hoping to find out where there is shelters that can help the homeless get back on their feet, instead of having them ask for money in the streets.

Q. What specific area of the homeless are you hoping to cover?

A. The specific area I want to cover is finding shelters where the homeless can stay and find their way back into the world.

Q. Do you think safety will be an issue as you cover the homeless?

A. I feel as though there will be some issues in safety while I’m covering the homeless. I would have to know who to trust when it comes to interviewing someone that is actually homeless. I will try to ease my way in by getting their reaction.

Q. Do you plan on getting involved helping the homeless once you are done covering them for a semester?

A. Once I’m done with this semester, I think I will get involved more in-depth with the homeless. I would love to get more of their stories and get their voices out there, and also would like to find someone or somewhere that the homeless can use in order to get back on their feet. I hope I can help. 

For me information on the homeless in Philadelphia, check out these links below!

We Feed The Homeless Philly : A website dedicated to feeding the homeless.

Project HOME : A website to help the homeless with medical, education, and shelter purposes.

Want to keep up with Michelle as she covers this beat? Follow her on Twitter and Instagram! Twitter: @Mishelle_Photo Instagram: @mitch__92


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