Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing

Haley is excited to go on with he her story on Realty.
Haley Kathryn is excited to start with her story on realty.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Haleey Kathryn to discuss her beat topic, realty in Philadelphia. She has decide to do realty because it is something she doesn’t know much about. While living around Philadelphia her whole life, she has never been throughout the city, so realty is good start of getting to know Philadelphia.

Q: Describe yourself in three words.

A: I’d say I am energetic, outgoing, and friendly.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do on your free time?

A: In my free time, I like to go running or read a book.

Q: How will your skill play a role in your beat reporting?

A: I’d say my skill is being outgoing and engaging, so this will play into interviewing realtors about their properties for sale and engaging them into talking about the truth behind these neighborhoods.

Q: Why did you choose Temple University to continue your education? 
A: I choose Temple because it has a great Journalism program as well as easy access to the city. I’d like to do sports reporting for either baseball or football, so what better way to get involved than with your favorite sports teams!

Q: What made you want to get into reporting?

A:  I’ve always been into talking and reporting sports. I had never really thought about taking the angle of reporting for news until I started at Temple. While I am interested in the news, I never really pictured myself reporting it. After AV News-gathering and other journalism classes, I’ve really expanded my interests and what I’d like to do in the future.
Q: Why did you choose to cover the realty as your beat?
A: I choose to do realty as my beat because it is something I know essentially nothing about. While I’ve lived around Philadelphia my whole life, I’ve never really been throughout the city. Recently I started a job in center city and since then I’ve found myself exploring Philadelphia. While this beat assignment, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to do something to get me out into the city to learn more about the different neighborhoods.

Q: What types of stories would you like to get out of the beat you chose?
A: I’d like to just focus on the differences between neighborhoods. It’d be easiest if I talk to a realtor who covers multiple areas, and ask them how each area differs from the next. While some areas of Philly are struggling, other areas are flourishing. I’d like to find out why this happens and what starts this trend. I’d also like to see why areas that are low class and “dangerous” are that way and why they aren’t changing. It’d be interesting to find out who buys in these areas as well as who doesn’t.

Q: Do you think safety will be an issue as you cover the homeless?
A: I don’t think safety will be an issue. While I plan on traveling to these areas, I can’t imagine the realtor will take me to a neighborhood that my life is threatened. The only problem I think I could face is knocking on people’s doors. Clearly to avoid this I am only going to focus on streets that are heavily populated and only talk to people who seem friendly and engaging enough.

Q: Do you plan on getting involved with realty once you are done covering them for the semester?

A: Once I am done with this semester, I really don’t think I will ever get involved with realty. It’s not really of my interest, but it will teach me a lot about Philadelphia. In the future I could see myself writing about issues presented in these different neighborhoods or how certain areas are changing. I think that within the next few years a lot will change, so it’d be interesting to keep up with it and be able to write and report on it.

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