The Advocate For Animals; Adopt Don’t Shop For Animals

  Philadelphia, Pa – Things that differentiate SPCA from other Animal Welfare organizations is that we do have the Humane law-enforcement officers and they operate throughout the state of Pennsylvania. “We get a lot of really hard dogs that come into our shelter because they've been through some dramatic and neglect situation, so the dogs may... Continue Reading →

Animal Intake and Population. Do Not Neglect, Protect!

Jennifer Johnston, Manager of Volunteer Program at the Pennsylvania SPCA, works with the volunteers t the SPCA and really gets things going when it comes to helping and having things run smoothly when an animal comes into the shelter. "At the shelter when you adopt, you really are saving the life of an animal! Each... Continue Reading →

No Kill Shelter!

Ashley, is a Pet Care & Volunteer Coordinator, at the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, PAWS, located on 1810 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa, 19115.  In the video, Ashley explains what a work day consists of. Ashley also explains that PAWS is a no kill shelter and the process of bringing a homeless or abandoned animal to the shelter. Also, the... Continue Reading →

Empowering Individuals To Break The Cycle Of Poverty

  Homeless Finding their way to Project Home Erika Hickerson, Case Manager Safe Haven 1 and 2 for Project Home, says there are 18 programs at “Project H.O.M.E, which is a Philadelphia non-profit organizationempowering individuals to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness through affordable housing, employment, health care, and education.” “We have 18 programs in... Continue Reading →

Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing

I had the opportunity to sit down with Haleey Kathryn to discuss her beat topic, realty in Philadelphia. She has decide to do realty because it is something she doesn't know much about. While living around Philadelphia her whole life, she has never been throughout the city, so realty is good start of getting to know Philadelphia. Q: Describe yourself... Continue Reading →

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