Philadelphia Homlessness and Finding Shelters To Keep Them on Their Feet

Maria, 60, sitting outside of a supermarket in the Northeast Philadelphia. She came from Greece and has been homeless for a couple of years.

Throughout the week, more and more Homeless are leaving in the street.  No where for them to find a shelter put them up on their feet. Throughout Philadelphia, I had the privilege to find a shelter called Project Home which is a Philadelphia non-profit organization empowering individuals to come out and break a cycle of poverty and homelessness through affordable housing and many more opportunities to get back on there feet.

This shelter helps the homeless get to their feet and find a job to help themselves get out there. From the above photo, Maria is from Greece and came to the United States of America to have a better life and instead she is homeless. Homelessness should be solve in the city of Philadelphia because no one should be living in the streets the they are. The Week article says, Solving homelessness is easy. So why don’t we just do it?  and really it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. You can read more about the homelessness and how to help them back on there feet.




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