Philadelphia Neighborhoods: Expansion From The Inside Out

Philadelphia residents are starting to speak out about how unhappy they are are about the lack of concern by others and the government towards their neighborhoods. Some feel that parts of the city are flourishing due to the rapid rate of people moving into neighborhoods such as Fairmount and Fishtown. All the while, builders are continuing to expand these neighborhoods outward while neighborhoods on the outskirts see fewer new apartment buildings and construction. Rebecca Sole, a realtor with Delphi Property Group, said that she believes that the building of new condominiums and apartments aid in making the area safer. “There are less empty lots where illegal activities bred from. Now, there are more up-scale apartment buildings bringing in wealthier people who are less likely to participate in neighborhood violence.” While gentrification has played a large role in segregating Philadelphia neighborhoods the past century, it is now appearing to be in the hands of the builders. They are choosing to build in the more up-scale neighborhoods, but eventually the demand will end and the expansion will continue outwards. Neighborhoods that were once unnoticeable are now becoming parts of larger neighborhoods such as Fishtown and Manayunk due to the rapid expansion of people moving in. It is hopeful that the building continues throughout the city, bringing more affordable and nicer homes to those who can’t afford the home their in or to those that are on the streets.



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