Fishtown ties to a grieving mother’s mission to combat terminal brain cancer

When Mina Carroll visited the grave of her daughter Philomena Stendardo at Most Holy Redemeer Cemetery in Bridesburg last week, she found an anonymous, handwritten note. It read, “To Phil and her family, thank you.” “The message went on to say how my daughter had changed this person’s life,” Carroll said. “She walked her way... Continue Reading →

Fishtown couple co-owns microprinting company

Fishtown residents J Malloy and Patricia Crebase co-own PJ Press, a microprinting company that hand makes greeting cards with messages like "Get well soon" or "I'm sorry for your loss." They sold their products at the Maker's Market — a craft fair where Philadelphia vendors sold their goods — in the Piazza at Schmidt's Commons... Continue Reading →

The Process Of Zoning In Philadelphia

Philadelphia and its' residents have within the past five years been facing new zoning laws. While most homeowners are aware that these laws exist, the extent of these laws are unknown. As of Aug. 22, 2012, Philadelphia has been implementing a new Zoning Code, which regulates the development within the city. These regulations were slightly... Continue Reading →

The Effort Of Renovations

William Penn founded Philadelphia with the intentions of continuing his love of London’s neighborhoods. Philadelphia has been called “the City of Homes” to “the City of Residences,” but now is being established as the “City of Neighborhoods,” as Penn once dreamed. While the total population of people moving into the city of Philadelphia and its... Continue Reading →

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