South Philly Musicians Remix mural adds a sense of “home” to Broad and Tasker

In South Philadelphia, music of the bandstand era was something extremely monumental to that time period, and still lives on with people to this day. Inhabitants of South Philly have grown up listening to the music of Frankie Avalon, Chubby Checker, and listen in with Jerry Blavat weekly during the summer months in Margate, NJ.

This mural, which now resides at Broad and Tasker streets in South Philly, brings life and a sense of home to the surrounding neighborhood, which is where most of these musicians grew up themselves. The Mural Arts Program curates new murals almost always, but this one was a little extra important because it was revealed this month during Mural Arts Month.

Stop by Broad and Tasker to see this masterpiece for yourself. The famous musicians are so realistic it is hard to believe that they won’t jump off the wall and start doing the “Twist” with you.

Photos and video by Kaci Lewandowski / Multimedia Storytelling

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