Meet Philly Music Beat Reporter, Justin Obendorfer!

  Meet the new guy, Justin Obendorfer! Justin is a senior looking to graduate in the spring with a bachelor's degree in journalism.  His beat is music and although I do not play an instrument, he still loves everything about it. His goal is to find out how local bands and artist develop their style... Continue Reading →

The Off Season Isn’t Hurting the Starr Restaurants of AC

High-volume is what Starr employees expect when they arrive to work each day in Philadelphia. At Starr, and for nearly any restaurant in a city holding over 1.5 million people, you have to expect to be busy at some point. The winters do get slow at times, but the business never is completely "dead," as... Continue Reading →

Empowering Individuals To Break The Cycle Of Poverty

  Homeless Finding their way to Project Home Erika Hickerson, Case Manager Safe Haven 1 and 2 for Project Home, says there are 18 programs at “Project H.O.M.E, which is a Philadelphia non-profit organizationempowering individuals to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness through affordable housing, employment, health care, and education.” “We have 18 programs in... Continue Reading →

Let Them Eat Foie!

In the last decade, foie gras, more honestly known as fattened waterfowl liver, has become one of the most controversial yet popular ingredients in restaurant menu items across the country. This fattened duck or goose liver is commonly served pan seared, and it is often used as a spread for breads. It can be found... Continue Reading →

There’s a Train Coming!

This is a map depicting each station that the SEPTA Media/Elwyn train stops at. Being a commuter myself, I take this train regularly to get to and from school. In this map, you will find the names of the stations, the zone of the station, the different city/townships each stop is in, and the exact... Continue Reading →

Beat report assignment details 2015

Your assignment for Jan. 28 is to interview a classmate about their beat and publish a Q&A. Your story should have a compelling and SEO-friendly headline, a strong storytelling lede and a photo of the person you're interviewing. Your role here is as a reporter who has been assigned to interview someone who just began... Continue Reading →

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